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Glasgow has an impressive range of museums ranging from Glasgow art galleries to the new Modern Riverside Museum. The Riverside Museum is devoted to the history of transport with a fantastic range of exhibits that include trams and buses cars basic rules railway locomotives fire engines even prams and skateboards.

The People's Palace on Glasgow Green tells the story of Glasgow with present-day paintings photographs and memorabilia interactive displays illustrating the day-to-day living of ordinary Glaswegians.

The Gallery of Modern Art was opened in the 1990s located at Royal exchange Square the building displays a range of sculptures and paintings and multimedia displays that allow visitors to interact with the art this you before them.

Scotland Street School on the south side of Glasgow was designed by the world famous channels Rennie Mackintosh designed as a primary school is never Museum of education devoted to the history of schooling in Scotland since Victoria Times this is a fantastic museum to visit.



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Riverside Museum : Glasgow Museum (Free Entry)

Riverside Museum : Glasgow Museum (Free Entry)

Riverside Museum located on banks of River Cylde this stunning modern design shows Glasgow Riverside at best designed by world famous architect Zaha Hadid.

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Scotland Street School  : Glasgow Museum (Free Entry)

Scotland Street School : Glasgow Museum (Free Entry)

Scotland Street School designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh opened in 1906 the school now listed building displays some Mackintosh best work.

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The Hunterian Museum : Glasgow Museum (Free Entry)

The Hunterian Museum : Glasgow Museum (Free Entry)

The Hunterian museum located in University of Glasgow One of Glasgow oldest museums 5 mins from Byres Road in Westend Glasgow.

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